About Us

Hey Everyone! Gena is the mom behind The Morris Bunch. She is married to her best friend Stoney. He works hard so she can stay home and she loves him more for that. He is a police officer and a butcher on his days off. While he works she is keeping the fort down with 4 daughters and another baby on the way. She also been blessed with 2 great stepkids. For those who can’t count, that is SEVEN total. She absolutely loves having a large family. She never thought she would want a lot of kids but she always knew she wanted to be a mom. She is more than a mom though! She is a woman. She likes to help other parents by sharing her own experiences and information. She is from Central Utah.

If you would like to contact Gena, she can be reached by E-mail or twitter. Gena can be available via phone or skype by appointments!

If you are a company interested in working with Gena, contact her and let her know your idea! She loves to work with companies and build relationships with those companies. She loves to review products that moms will love. If you think your product fits, just ask!